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There’s always a reason to clean up the yard. Keeping your property safe for the bushfire season in Summer, clearing overgrowth for Autumn and Winter months, and regeneration maintenance in the Spring. Looking Up Landscapes specialises in making sure that your yard is in top condition no matter what time of the year it is.

Key Benefits of Service

A clean yard and property makes it easier to maintain. It can also be beneficial during the warmer months in Australia to keep unwanted pests away like snakes and spiders.

A Looking Up Landscapes seasonal cleaning service ensures you have a great presentation for your home and land, no matter what time of the year it is!

  • Tree removal and maintenance
  • Garden maintenance – weeding, fertilising & pruning
  • Moisture retention preparation (for the warmer months)
  • Commercial or domestic properties – no job is too small
  • Keep unwanted snakes and critters off your property

Maintenance Tips

The first task is removing and composting any dead annual plants that remained over winter. These will not return and any self-seeders will already have done their job. If you didn’t prune back your perennials last fall, they’re probably looking pretty ugly as spring sets in. Many perennials actually prefer to be left standing throughout the winter, for extra protection. But by definition, herbaceous perennials will die back to the ground during winter. If you did leave your perennials standing last autumn, once you start to see new growth at the base of the plants, it’s safe to begin removing winter mulch and pruning them down to ground level.

Some shrubby plants with woody stems need to be cut back each spring because they only bloom on new branches. These are pruned in the spring to limit winter damage and to encourage the plant to start sending out those new flowering branches. Most of these woody perennials will let you know when it’s time to prune them by showing signs of opening buds on the lower stem portions or new growth at the base of the plants.

Depending on where you are gardening, some perennial plants will never quite go dormant, but they may still need tidying up. Spring is the time to trim back the tattered foliage and encourage new growth to come in.

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Planting & Removal Charges

For your next seasonal cleanup done the right way, please CALL US and get us to quote for your property.