Whether your needs are for rock boulder walls; built for lasting and natural drainage around pools, gardens or around ponds, sandstone walls; creating that natural and stylish enhanced landscape, or timber walls; to create that aesthetic hillside contour, Looking Up Landscapes are experts in all types of retaining wall solutions. Simple or complex – the make up is completely in your control.

Key Benefits of Service

Professionally installed retaining walls create an amazing landscape for your property, as well as being a specialised erosion prevention solution. Natural, modern and long lasting retaining wall design can be part of your affordable garden.

  • Removal of old wall structures
  • Choices in supporting material
  • Built with expert knowledge of the existing land layout
  • Domestic or commercial solutions
  • Talk to us about water feature integration!

Maintenance Tips

Professionally installed drainage can prevent wall erosion and make your investment last years longer. Don’t be tempted to shortcut your installation, get the Looking Up Landscapes experts in and do it right the first time.

It’s your choice to compliment your property. Each retaining wall solution has a unique feel to it, so make sure you ask the questions you need to and decide on the best placement type for your wall. Our experts will be able to help you work all this out.

Once again a properly installed retaining wall has less chance of shift when it comes to environmental influence. There can be times however that nature takes course (through heavy rain or mudslide), and everything gives way to the structure. Just know that your investment is covered for most reasons, just not the ones that are out of our control.

Customer Feedback

Installation & Removal Charges

Everything depends on the size of the wall you are after, the material you want to use for it and the accessibility to the area that you are trying to build on.

You will need to get in touch with us an let us give you a risk free quote. So please call or email us and we will be in touch as soon as we can.