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If it is just one tree – that special tree that you just simply don’t want to perish, or if it is an orchid containing the wealth of your future – we have you covered. All plants need a special introduction into their environment when it comes to planting, and we know just how to treat them to make the most of their new lifecycle.

The same is said for the removal of old flora. Our experts will assess and recommend the best course of action for aging trees and shrubs, all within an achievable budget for you.

Key Benefits of Service

Once again our love is your love – your garden and everything in it!

Our skilled experts can work out the best ways to plant new life into your property, without sacrificing on space, as well as give you advice on how best to irrigate and drain the areas targeted.

Some removal of old trees may require council approval, however we can help you with all that as well. Please talk to us and let us know what your needs are.

  • Plantation of seedling or mature trees and shrubs
  • Maintenance services to keep everything healthy
  • Professional removal of aged trees and shrubs
  • Commercial or domestic experience
  • Fully licensed and insured

Maintenance Tips

The heat from the Australian Sun can be a big factor when watering your gardens. Let us work with you in building the best plantation solution, whilst getting the most from your water resources.

Did you know that different fertilizers have different applications? The specific blends give way for a variety of horticulture solutions, which is where we come in. We can help you make the most out of your citrus, floral or large scale horticultural investment by giving you the right advice from the start.

Sometimes nature tells us that it’s time to do something. Falling branches and debris from trees might be telling a story to you that you just can’t hear.

That’s where we come in. Looking Up Landscapes can assess and advise the best course of action for the existing trees and shrubs on your property – as well as remove them safely and without fuss.

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Planting & Removal Charges

Within a budget you can freshen up your garden with the planting of some new trees, shrubs or flowers. We can ensure that you maximise the life of your investment by correctly fertilizing and watering, whilst also being able to allow for correct drainage and irrigation of the areas. Get in touch today!