Lawn Mowing

Looking Up Landscapes are experts in all types of gardening services, including tree planting, tree pruning and mulching to help you create an impressive outdoor space. We also offer garden cleanups and makeovers if you need a little more help to bring your garden to life. We pride ourselves on professional and affordable services that will keep your lawns & garden looking at its best – in all types of seasons.

Key Benefits of Service

Spring and Summer bring a new lease to your gardens, and with the added humidity it can be an overwhelming task to keep your flora in check! Regular maintenance of your property, big or small, is something that Looking Up Landscapes loves to do. So relax while we take care of the hard work!

  • Mowing, blowing, hedging, pruning
  • Weed & pest spraying
  • Soil & PH testing, fertilising
  • House cleaning
  • Garden consultations

Maintenance Tips

Keep your lawns in great condition by regularly watering and fertilising. Make sure in the Summer months when the heat is consistent to not cut it too low, otherwise the lawn might stress and die.

If you are lucky enough to have a large supply of rain water available for watering your lawn, USE IT!! Rain water is natural, un-chemicalised. It just makes stuff grow.

The tough Australian heat can make your garden a nightmare when it comes to the choice of grass. Three hardy types that can withstand the Aussie heat are; Buffalo, Queensland Couch and Zoysia grass. If you would like more information please talk to us.

Customer Feedback

Lawn & Garden Care Charges

Large or small, our affordable rates can have you sitting on the couch watching the cricket while we go at your yard with a passion! Please call us or email us for more information on rates.